Monday, May 16, 2011

Ask Us Anything: Why Do I Have Bumps on My Heels?

"I have a small bump on the back of each heel that may be Haglund's deformity. I am in my 20s and wear heels to work but am rarely on my feet. At home and on the weekends, I wear flats. These bumps do not cause me any pain or discomfort. Should I see a doctor? Will they ever go away?"

Physical Therapist Jeff Castiglione Responds:

Physical Therapist Jeff CastiglioneA Haglunds deformity is an enlargement of the heel bone (Calcaneus) of the foot. The soft tissue of the Achilles tendon may become irritated and painful with pressure on the back of the heel.

An x-ray is needed to confirm this deformity.

Without the presence of the bone deformity, it may also be a simple tenosynovitis due to shoe pressure. If it is not painful, you probably do not need to have it assessed by your doctor.

As far as going away, an enlargement of a tendon is a response to stress, often the type of shoes you wear, such as those with a rigid heel back. You can sometimes help it by avoiding the type of shoes that aggravate it, as well as some massage and stretching of the Achilles tendon.

— Jeff Castiglione, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Jeff is the manager of AthletiCare - Amherst, which provides Physical Therapy and Sports Training and Injury Prevention services in Amherst, NY.

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