Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the News: Benefits of Eating Organic Foods are Unclear

This week, the Tonawanda News asked the question, is eating organic worth it? And the answer may surprise you.

Despite the general consensus that organic is better for your health, research has yet to prove the superiority of organic foods, which cost 78% more than non-organic.

Naheed Ali-Sayeed, chief clinical dietitian at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, says, "There’s very little scientific evidence that organic food is better. Most of what I’ve read is basically just articles that people have written, nothing scientific based."

What's important is eating fruits and vegetables in the first place.

“We still want you to eat a well-balanced diet, and if it’s not organic, it can still be nutritious for you to consume."

While organic foods may not be proven to contain more or better nutrients, the USDA Department of Agriculture says that organic practices are important for the health of soil, plants and animals and that it promotes sustainability.

Do you buy organic? And will you continue to do so?

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