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How to Get a Discount on Your Next Gym Membership

The following article is a guest post written by Jessica P. in Williamsville. The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Catholic Health.

Everyone knows that physical activity is an important part of being healthy. But for many of us, the cost of gym memberships can be prohibitive.

Here’s what you may not know: if you have health insurance, work for a company that employs more than fifty people, or are a college student, chances are that you’re eligible to receive a discount. Read below to find out if you qualify.

Insurance Discounts

Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY

Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY offers its members discounted rates for health-related services. Its website states that all members are eligible, although some restrictions may apply.

Discounts include:
Click here for a complete list of gym discounts.

Some plans also cover fitness classes. Body Shaping by Sandy is a popular choice for those interested in Zumba, Yoga or Tai Chi. Classes are held at different times, days and locations to fit your schedule.


Univera members can show their member IDs at participating gyms to receive a discount. Benefits include:
Click here for a complete list of gym discounts.

If you’re a Univera Solutions Healthy Choices member, you’re covered for up to $300 per calendar year for “lifestyle benefits” that can be applied to health club memberships. Click here for more information about these benefits.

Independent Health

Independent Health members are eligible to receive:
  • 15% off the price of a three month program and two classes per week at Fit Physique in Kenmore
  • $50 discount with the purchase of an annual membership to Omega Health and Wellness in Hamburg
If you’re a member of the FlexFit Active plan, $250 will help to cover the cost of a gym membership. FlexFit provides plans for families (allowing the $250 to be put toward activities such as swimming lessons and gymnastics) and independent subscribers (allowing the $250 to be put toward vitamins and alternative therapies).

Click here for a complete list of member discounts (PDF).

Other Insurance Companies

Other insurance companies may offer discounts as well, since they have a vested interest in keeping you healthy. Check with your insurance provider to learn more.

Employer Discounts

Even if your health insurance plan doesn’t offer a gym discount, your employer might.

Discounts for Gold’s Gym are offered in 86% of companies that employ over 50 people. Participating companies include Time Warner Cable, Exxon Mobile and Barnes and Noble.

Click here to see if your company participates in the discount program.

If your company isn’t listed, ask the gym about a corporate discount. For example, the Jewish Community Center of Greater Buffalo (JCC) offers discounts to companies with five or more people who are interested in joining.

Student Discounts

Many gyms offer memberships to college students at a discounted rate. The JCC offers a discount with proof of attendance. To be eligible, you must be enrolled for a certain number of credit hours.

Contact the gym that’s of interest to you and inquire if a student discount is available and what the eligibility requirements are.

Income-sensitive Discounts

If the cost of a gym membership would break your budget, apply for financial assistance.

The JCC offers fee assistance for those who are unable to manage the cost of a membership. Click here for more information (PDF).

The YMCA Buffalo Niagara also assists those who are unable to pay the full price of membership. Visit their website to download a financial assistance application.

Now that winter weather is approaching, gyms are offering even more incentives for us to join. Some of the best deals are going on right now. Research your health insurance, start a company wellness program or take advantage of your college student status.

Because discounts may change or restrictions may apply, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance carrier or gym of interest before committing to a membership.

Good luck at finding the best possible deal you can get on your next gym membership!

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