Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the News: Don't Worry About Your Running Form

A few years ago, I tried to take up running with the help of my husband, who runs at least four miles every day. As we jogged, he advised me on my posture and how my foot should fall. I found it awkward, and after we'd circled the block, my lungs burned so badly that I was ready to return home.

Within a week, I decided that running wasn't for me. I found it difficult, and my lack of coordination didn't make things any easier. 

But according to a New York Times article, we awkward runners can rejoice, as there's no such thing as a perfect running form.

“There is good evidence that your body is exquisitely lazy and will find the easiest way for you to run,” said Carl Foster, professor of exercise and sports medicine at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Studies have found that we automatically run in a way that is most efficient for our own bodies. If we change our natural form, we're less efficient and more prone to injury.

I might give running another try. And if I do, I'll finally remove the tags from the exercise clothes that I bought this summer.

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