Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the News: Apple Juice is a Danger to Your Waistline

You may have heard claims that apple juice contains trace amounts of arsenic. But, experts say that the real danger is to your teeth and waistline, according to an Associated Press article.

They say that in some cases, apple juice has more sugar than soda and few natural ingredients. They also say that it trains children to like sweet things.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, juice has a small amount of protein and minerals and lacks the fiber in whole fruit. It offers no nutritional benefit for infants younger than 6 months and no benefits over whole fruit for older kids.

The message is clear: whole fruits are better for you. They will fill you up faster and they have fewer calories.

Instead of apple juice, nutrition experts recommend a juice fortified with calcium and vitamin D-3. They caution parents to choose only pasteurized juice and to prevent children from consuming it throughout the day, which can cause tooth decay.

  • Limit your intake of apple juice.
  • Eat whole fruits.
  • Choose juices fortified with calcium and vitamin D-3.

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