Monday, March 5, 2012

Ask Us Anything: Can You Help Me Diagnose My Pelvic Pain?

"I have been experiencing pelvic pain since last year and have been seeing my OB/GYN about every month. I have had urine tests and ultrasounds. I did have a D&C in May but I am still having pelvic pain, very badly at times. Is there a test I can have to get to the bottom of this (MRI, X-ray, CT)?"

Dr. Ali Ghomi Responds:

Pelvic pain is a common condition affecting women of all ages. The condition is defined as a pain located to the pelvis lasting for a minimum of 6 months.

There are many potential causes of pelvic pain such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, dense abdominal scar tissue, ovarian cysts, inflammation of the bladder, and muscle and back strain.

Obtaining a detailed and complete medical history is of utmost importance in making an accurate diagnosis.

An ultrasound of the pelvis is also very helpful to exclude gross abnormalities in the pelvis.

Unfortunately, CT scan and MRI are not very informative in working up possible causes of pelvic pain. In most cases, a diagnostic laparoscopy (looking inside the abdomen with a tiny camera through the umbilicus) is performed in order to closely visualize all of the organs and structures in the pelvis and abdomen and address any abnormalities concurrently.

— Dr. Ali Ghomi

Dr. Ghomi is the Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery and Chair of The Robotic Surgical Committee at Sisters of Charity Hospital. He is the only physician in Western New York who performs Sacrocolpopexy Prolapse surgery using the da Vinci® robot. Sacrocolpopexy is a proven “gold standard” procedure worldwide to repair severe pelvic prolapse. Click here to learn more about Catholic Health's OBGYN services.

Dr. Ghomi will be speaking on pelvic pain at a free women's wellness event, Female Pelvic Health, on Wednesday, March 14 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. He will be available for questions following the presentation. Click here for more information and to register.

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