Monday, May 28, 2012

Ask Us Anything: How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?

"My ten year old sleeps at least ten hours each day, whereas my friend's son, who is the same age, sleeps only eight. Do children need a certain number of hours of sleep? How will it affect them if they sleep too much or too little?"

Dr. Anthony Vetrano Responds:

By ten years of age, children have "lost" their naps (they don't need them).

Most children from 6 years of age to 12 years of age will get between 8-12 hours of sleep at night, so 10 would be a good average and 8 would be a minimum.

If a child wakes up with energy and does well in the mornings at school, then they are likely getting enough sleep. If a child snores quite a bit or has sleep apnea, they may sleep longer (11-14 hours) and still be tired during the day.

So, ten hours is an average number of hours for overnight sleep for a ten year-old.

 – Dr. Anthony Vetrano

Anthony Vetrano, M.D. is chairman of Mercy Hospital’s Pediatrics Department and was named a Top Doctor in Western New York (2008-2010) in Buffalo Spree Magazine.

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