Monday, August 6, 2012

Ask Us Anything: Can I Exercise in Flip-Flops?

"I was feeling depressed and lethargic, so my counselor advised that I do aerobic exercise. I've begun walking 3-4 times each week, but I struggle with footwear. I own a pair of sneakers, but I feel like they are too confining (considering that I wear heels or flats on most days). I don't even own any socks. Is it okay to walk in flats or flip-flops?"

Physical Therapist Jeff Castiglione Responds:  

Physical Therapist Jeff CastiglioneI would highly recommend the use of a proper fitting pair of sneakers when you perform your exercises. They will provide the necessary support for this type of activity.

It sounds like you need a proper fitting for your sneakers, and I would recommend a custom fitting from somewhere like Fleet Feet or Sneaker Advantage. They will do a full assessment of your foot and gait and will give a recommendation for the type of sneaker you should use.

Their sneakers do not cost any more than elsewhere, but keep in mind that they only sell high-quality sneakers. Expect a cost of approx. $100.

— Jeff Castiglione, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Jeff is the manager of AthletiCare - Amherst, which provides Physical Therapy and Sports Training and Injury Prevention services in Amherst, NY.
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