Monday, October 1, 2012

Smart Eating: Eat 3 Meals Every Day

Smart Eating is a series of nutrition tips to help you transform your eating habits. Check back Monday - Friday for a new nutrition tip that you can use to reach your goals, whether you want to look better, have more energy or prevent health issues.

“Frequently skipping meals impairs the body’s ability to burn calories effectively,” says Registered Dietitian Ann Marie Smokowski, who provides nutrition counseling at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.

“Eating meals regularly is like refueling our engine to give us the energy to perform our daily routine at the optimum level.”

Breakfast is one of the most commonly missed meals. Research has shown that by skipping breakfast, people have poor concentration in the morning and may battle weight issues, such as obesity.

Eating three meals can also curb cravings. “When someone is craving desserts on a regular basis, I generally inquire whether they are skipping any meals during the day. Skipping meals often aggravates the craving urge.”

Fast & Healthy Breakfast Meals

  • Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter 
  • Hard boiled egg and toast 
  • Low-fat yogurt 
  • Cheerios and banana slices in low-fat milk 
  • Oatmeal 
  • Homemade Smoothies


"I like to encourage oatmeal in the morning," says Ann Marie.

You can make steel cut oatmeal in a crock-pot and portion it in a thermos for work.

"Store the other servings in a container and place it in your fridge for the next day. When you wake up in the morning, you have the wonderful aroma of homemade oatmeal in your kitchen."


Ann Marie also recommends homemade smoothies. She says:

"The night before, place plain yogurt, ½ cup juice, frozen banana and other frozen fruit, and even 2 tbsp avocado (for the monounsaturated fat) in a blender. Place it in the refrigerator over night. When you're ready for breakfast, blend the ingredients and pour an 8 oz. serving. Now you’re good to go!"

Granola Bars

While some might turn to granola bars for a quick fix, Ann Marie says to read the label before you buy. "A granola bar is not my favorite breakfast option because they can be very processed. If you must, look for a bar with real ingredients like dried fruit, nuts (if tolerated), and avoid added sugars."

Take Your Groceries to the Office

If you don’t have time to prepare breakfast at home, keep the essentials at the office and prepare breakfast when you arrive.

Learn more about healthy eating on October 26, 2012 at WomenCare First Annual Day of Health: Be Strong, Be Happy, Be Healthy. Registered Dietitian Ann Marie Smokowski will present “Anti-Inflammatory Eating: The Mediterranean Lifestyle.” Click here for details.

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