Monday, December 3, 2012

Ask Us Anything: Could a Lack of Protein Influence My Stress Test?

"I did the Cardiolite stress test. I lost about 80 pounds on a vegan diet along with juicing. My heart ejection fraction went from 69% to 62%. I'm on a low dose of Carvidilol. 6.25 mg twice a day. I'm a 5 feet 4 inches 160 pound male. I used to weigh 250 pounds. Could a lack of protein be the problem? All other parts are good. No valve problems, nothing unusual."

Note: Ejection fraction is a test that determines how well your heart pumps with each beat. 55-70% is normal. 40-55% is below normal.

Nurse Practitioner Gina Lafountain Responds:

Excellent job with your weight loss! A suggestion would be to start trying to eat a balanced diet that includes lean proteins like fish and chicken and healthy grains, fruits/vegetables.

In regards to your ejection fraction dropping from 69 to 62%, this is not concerning at all. The ejection fraction % is a subjective estimation of your pumping fuction; you are still in the normal range.

My recommendation is to start walking 30 minutes a day if you are not currently getting any activity, but first get approval from your medical provider. Keep your bood pressure under good control at around 12-130/60-70.

If you're diabetic, maintain steady control over your blood sugars and keep your cholesterol levels within normal rang (total cholesterol less than 200 and LDl's (bad cholesterol) less than 100 without diabetes and less than 70 for a diabetic).

Overall it sounds like you are doing great!

– Gina Lafountain, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Program Director of HeartStrong

Gina Lafountain, NP, MSN has over 20 years of healthcare experience and is currently the Director of the HeartStrong program for continuing care. HeartStrong allows heart failure patients to rebuild their strength and endurance and learn how to better manage their cardiac diseases before they return home.

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