Monday, December 10, 2012

Look Forward to Holiday Parties Without Packing on Pounds

When you want to lose or maintain weight, December can feel like a sinking ship as we travel from one food-focused festive event to another. Here are a few tips from Kenmore Mercy Hospital's Highway to Health Committee to help get you through the holidays.

Focus on What You Want

Don't go to a party or holiday meal famished. Being too hungry will set you up for gorging. Focus on those foods that you love, eat slowly, and give yourself permission to savor them. Another strategy is to bring some of your own healthy food to share.

Treat Yourself Right

The best way to enjoy an occasional sweet without losing control is by sampling a selection or two, rather than having full servings. For example, have one bite of pie, half a cookie or one small square of fudge. Find a friend or family member who will stick to the sampling rule with you.

Break It Up

To reduce the amount of calorie-laden drinks you consume, drink a glass of water between each beverage. This will help fill your stomach, leaving less room to overindulge.

Map It Out

Avoid loading up on foods that are fried, buttered or have a lot of cheese and cream. Even though the portions may be small, these fat-laden bites can really pack a punch. Look for fruit, veggies and dip, whole-grain crackers, and baked or grilled items.

With these simple tips, we can all look forward to holiday parties and enjoy the season without packing on the pounds.

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