Monday, March 18, 2013

Ask Us Anything: Is My Discharge Normal?

"Since July, I've been experiencing a thick white/yellowish discharge. It's almost the consistency of gel. It began occurring after I was treated for a yeast infection. The yeast infection cleared up and the discharge lessened, but it remained a thick consistency. Is this normal?"

Ginny Lyons, RN, Responds: 

Is there any odor involved? Are you using any type of vaginal creams? Are you sexually active? Is there any pain or itching? If no to all, it is probably the normal flora of the lining.

However, just to be sure, I would see your gynecologist. Depending on your age and sexual activity, you may need to have a pap smear, a sample of cells from the cervical area that are then looked at under the microscope for evaluation.

– Ginny Lyons

Ginny Lyons, RN is a coordinator for Catholic Health's women's service line, WomenCare, a nurse clinician in Women's Health, a community health educator and a public health speaker for Catholic Health on wellness and prevention seminars.

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