Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Written by Meaghan Maess, Buffalo State College student and communications intern at Catholic Health

One of the many exciting things about finding out you are pregnant is telling the people you love. Here are 10 ways you can share your exciting news with your friends, family and spouse. 

1. Stencil a Onesie

Pick up a baby onesie and stencil your last name onto the front with fabric paint and a wax paper stencil (click here for a tutorial). After the paint dries, wrap up your onesie and present it to your spouse, with a note that his real gift will arrive in nine months.

2. Have a Game Night

 Have a casual game night at your house and spell out your exciting news in Scrabble.
You could also use Charades, Pictionary or Taboo.

3. Reminisce About Your Childhood

Visit the Treehouse Toy Store and buy toys that you and your spouse loved as children and put them in a gift bag. Give the gift bag to your parents or your spouse, and tell them that you hope your child will love them as much as you did.

4. Bun in the Oven

Put a single bun in the oven and ask your spouse or any friends or family members who may be visiting to check on the oven for you. Take a picture and send it to family and friends as a pregnancy announcement.

5. Capture the Moment

When you are with family members or friends, say you want to take a picture of the group and set the camera to a timer or video. Right before the camera goes off, announce you are pregnant and capture everyone's reaction.

You can also enlist the help of a professional photographer to break the news to your spouse. JMS Reflections Photography specializes in maternity and family photography and can help you capture every moment of your pregnancy, starting with the announcement.

6. Create a Movie or Music Theme

Have a movie night with your spouse, but only watch movies that have the word "baby" in the title. Or make a playlist with songs that include the word "baby" and see if he catches on.

7. Get Crafty

Create DIY pregnancy announcements with supplies from Buffalo Stamps and Stuff. Your announcement might include a family tree, with the new addition to your family and your due date.

8. Host a Dinner

Plan your dinner around foods associated with the word “baby,” such as baby carrots, baby corn and baby spinach. For dessert, consider mini cupcakes, cakes or cookies. Ask your guests if they notice a theme.

9. Send Flowers

Send flowers from Flowers by Johnny with a card to your parents or your spouse's congratulating them on becoming grandparents.

10. Bake

Make cookies or cupcakes and frost them with blue or pink frosting to make your announcement. If you are having a party or family gathering, The Dessert Deli Bakery makes large, specialty cakes with baby themes. You can also pick up cupcakes by the dozen for smaller gatherings or to bring to work with fondant onesies and other baby themes from The Cupcake Orchard.

If you have children, how did you make the announcement you were expecting? What's your plan for your pregnancy?

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