Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giveaway: Omron Hip Pedometer With Holder

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You don't need a gym membership or any special equipment to reach your fitness goals. Walking is something that everyone can do and make time for.

10,000 steps per day is ideal, as it often requires runs or walks that go beyond what we would normally accomplish during our regular routines and helps us to achieve the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Clipping a discrete pedometer to your waist can tell you if you've reached your goals, or if you need to ramp up your activity.

To encourage you in your fitness goals, we're giving away an Omron hip pedometer that can track your steps, stores 7 days of memory and resets itself everyday at midnight.

How to Enter

To enter to win, leave a comment below, with a screen name or first name (not as Anonymous), answering this question:
  • How can you add more steps to your day?
To enter, you must be at least 18 years of age and a United States resident.

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We'll choose a winner at random on July 8th. The winner will be announced on the blog.

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  1. Jessica PapadakisJune 26, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    I will start taking the stairs at work. I will walk during my two 15 minute breaks at work. I will take a walk for 45 minutes every day after work.

  2. I will walk in place during commercials when I watch TV

  3. Brisk Walk in the nearby park (each hospital seems to have one) with some co-workers is a great chance to burn some calories and having some good conversation.

  4. I get up an hour earlier and walk before work. Great start to the day!

    Janet Z.

  5. I always take the stairs when I am at work. If I drive to work, I always park further away from the hospital to enjoy a nice walk before work. Also, often I have to walk to work as I share my car with my daughter. When I grocery shop, I usually park further away than I have to so that I use more steps. All these add to my steps that I walk every day. Carole A.

  6. Always park farthest away in nice weather.
    Always take 10 minutes from lunch to walk.
    Be Consistant with whatever you do.
    Has to be enjoyable and interactive for you to continue doing!

  7. I started here at Mercy last Monday - now I walk to and from work every day!!!!

  8. I have a new puppy and I will be walking him each night to get him used to walking on the leash while I get my exercise walking. Makes it much more enjoyable.

  9. We add more steps as a family. We go for a walk in the evening which is a nice way to relax and catch up with each other about our day.

  10. I have added extra steps by parking farther from my destination. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. I have also made a nightly walk part of my families routine.

  11. In February I started taking the stairs everyday at work. I usually only take the elevator if I am carrying supplies with me.

  12. I have a bad Knee so walking in a pool is a fun fix.

  13. Keri Z.. I have recently started going to the gym....this will help with keep track of all the steps i take!

  14. i chase my grandkids around everyday to get my steps in

  15. Pam W.
    I walk each night weather permitting just after dinner.. any parking lot, I always park the furthest and always take the stairs!



  17. Start taking the steps more at work,and taking the dog out for longer walks.

  18. Park a few blocks away from Mercy and walk to/from work. (This also leaves more parking spaces in the ramp for our patients & guests.) Outside of work...we take "Hogan" (our Yellow Lab)to different parks & walking paths.

  19. I'm trying to get more exercise and a pedometer would be helpful in pushing me to increase my steps per day. By taking a walk in the evening now that it's finally nice out will help be get there.

  20. Take the stairs! You'll feel better and probably get there faster than waiting for the elevator.
    -Leah Guerin

  21. Park farther from your destination.

  22. - How can you add more steps to your day?

    * Begin taking family walks after dinner
    * Plan to walk to the store
    * When walking to the store/other destination is not an option, park in the furthest parking spot
    * Avoid the elevator; always take the stairs
    * Begin the C25K (Couck to 5k program)
    * As a stay at home mom/student I will alot myself a limited time to sit; this way I have to remain moving

    1. I've heard good things about the Couch to 5K program. Thanks for the suggestion!

  23. I will take a walk everyday at lunch!

  24. I will walk to and from the the parking lot at work instead of taking the shuttle.

  25. I will use it with my walking at home tapes.

  26. Park at the other end of parking lot.
    When I need something from the close stores- walk not drive.


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