Monday, June 10, 2013

Pledge to See the First Feature Film About Pregnancy Loss

A movie starring Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting) and Paul Adelstein (Private Practice) aims to become the first feature film to focus on the issue of stillbirth, the loss of a fetus after the 20th week of pregnancy.

Many are hopeful for the movie's release.

"There is a silence surrounding stillbirth," said Fran Kane, a Registered Nurse who leads Catholic Health’s Footprints on the Heart program for bereaved parents.

“It is a taboo subject. For many, stillbirth is unheard of until it happens to them. Doctors don't talk about it during pregnancy care. Childbirth education classes don't talk about it. Even pregnancy-related books don't mention it. Kind of like, if we don't talk about it, it won't happen. Unfortunately when it does, people are left alone and must search for their own support.” 

For those who have never experienced a pregnancy loss, the movie reveals the complexity and depth of the loss and can highlight the need to validate the baby who has been lost.

"Parents and families who experience a stillbirth are frequently, if not, always, invalidated and unsupported. They are often not seen as parents because they have no baby to bring home," said Kane.

Movie Delves into Coping with Loss, Relationships

Created by filmmaker Sean Hanish, Return to Zero is based on a true story and follows Maggie (Driver) and Aaron (Adelstein) as they struggle to cope with the loss of their baby son just weeks before his due date. Their grief expresses itself in denial, escape, and alcohol use. Aaron’s affair with a co-worker propels the couple to separate, but they are reunited when Maggie discovers that she is pregnant again.

“I think the movie will demonstrate the difference in how women and men handle their grief following a stillbirth. The incongruent grief that is often experienced can tear a marriage or relationship apart,” said Kane.

An Uncertain Future for Return to Zero

Moviemakers are hopeful that the film will premiere at a film festival in August or September, but its release is yet uncertain.

They have recruited fans from across the country to serve as local leaders and spread the word about the film. These leaders are tasked with acquiring 100 pledges – promises to see the movie during its first weekend of release, if and when it makes it to theaters. More than 2,300 people from over 40 countries have volunteered to be local leaders.

Donations are being accepted, and donations of $250 and above will receive a “thank you” credit in the film.

Pledge to See the Film

Your pledge can convince distributors to release this movie to theaters. You can pledge to see the film using this form.

Follow Return to Zero on Facebook

The film’s Facebook page has over 9,000 followers. Follow their page for updates about the project.

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