Monday, September 16, 2013

Ask Us Anything: How Can I Cook Desserts that are Healthy?

"How can I cook desserts that are healthy? I love desserts with nuts and lemon deserts. Fruit is nice, but sometimes we want something more, without it being high in calories."

Ginny Lyons, RN responds:

There are many recipes using alternative low-fat ingredients.

You mentioned fruit - mix almonds, raisins, walnuts and low-fat yogurt together for variety.

There are always the standards:
  • Lemon ice
  • Sorbets
  • Sherbet 
  • Italian ice
  • Cakes and cookies made with applesauce and yogurt

Good luck and enjoy your healthier choices.

– Ginny Lyons, RN

Note: We reviewed a healthy desserts cookbook called Olive Oil Desserts. Click here to read the review.

Ginny Lyons, RN is a coordinator for Catholic Health's women's service line, WomenCare, a nurse clinician in women's health, a community health educator and a public health speaker for Catholic Health on wellness and prevention seminars.

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