Monday, September 23, 2013

Ask Us Anything: If I had a Hysterectomy, Can I Still Get Ovarian Cancer?

"If I had a hysterectomy, can I still get ovarian cancer?"

Dr. Jaime Rehmann Obst Responds:

It certainly is possible to get ovarian cancer after a hysterectomy, but that depends on the type of hysterectomy performed.

To better explain, we need to “de-code” the medical language doctors use to describe these procedures:
  • Total hysterectomy - this refers to the removal of the uterus and cervix
  • Subtotal or supracervical hysterectomy - this refers to the removal of the uterus but leaves the cervix in place
  • Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy - this refers to the removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes, and can be done as a separate procedure or combined with either type of hysterectomy.
Recent research studies are now showing that if your doctor removes the fallopian tubes (a “salpingectomy”) along with the uterus, you will have a lower risk of ovarian cancer.

If you’re not sure what kind of hysterectomy you had, you can contact your doctor and see if your fallopian tubes and/or ovaries were removed.

If you still have ovaries, you still have a risk of ovarian cancer.

Talk to your doctor about your family history and risk factors for ovarian cancer, and make sure that you visit your gynecologist every year, since the exam that you receive there is the best method we have to screen for ovarian cancer.

– Dr. Jaime Rehmann Obst

Dr. Jaime Rehmann Obst sees patients at the M. Steven Piver, M.D. Center for Women’s Health & Wellness in Buffalo.

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