Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Giveaway: Two Tickets to WomenCare Day of Health

We're giving away two free tickets to the WomenCare Day of Health on Oct. 18th!

Be inspired by women's stories of courage and survival, learn how to take charge of your health and find your style.

You'll hear from AM Buffalo host Linda Pellegrino and health and fashion experts.

As an attendee, you'll enjoy:
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Shopping
  • Chair massages
Plus, you'll have an opportunity to get answers to your health and beauty questions.

How to Enter

Leave a comment below, with a screen name or first name (not as Anonymous), answering this question:
  • What health or beauty questions would you like to be addressed at the event?
To enter, you must be at least 18 years of age and a United States resident.

Winner Announcement

We'll choose a winner at random on October 14. The winner will be announced on the blog. 

To make sure that you don't miss the winner announcement, subscribe to the blog in your feedreader (see the sidebar).


  1. When faced with your own mortality how does if change the way you view and live your life?

  2. Explain different changes to a woman's body after the age of 50

  3. What ways can i live better as im steadily approaching 40

  4. How to take care of yourself and an elderly family member

  5. How can we bridge the gap between a healthy body image and actually having a healthy body?

  6. How important is it for men to have BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation testing done?

  7. How long should you put off total knee replacement surgery if you are only age 51?

  8. How can we better inspire women to love themselves and their bodies, as they are?

  9. is it good to take estrogens

  10. How to handle the changes in our bodies as we approach menopause

  11. How can I eat healthy when I am running the kids to and from friends houses, sports practices, etc. I am exhausted when I get home and don't feel like cooking dinner and I try to have at least 2-3 dinners together as a family during the week.

  12. Is there such a group telling and talking about MENOPAUSE, I think if not that is a topic that I would to know more about .

  13. Since I work at a STD clinic I would love to address STD's and HIV in the older women and how to prevent Jeanne g

  14. What is the best vitamin regime for women over 50?

  15. How does one get the most out of a gym fitness program. Do you need a personal trainer to achieve resullts?


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