Monday, November 4, 2013

Ask Us Anything: Is it Possible to Have a Gynecological Exam Without Pain?

"I have not had a GYN exam in two years, as it has become painful for me. When the speculum is inserted, it pinches and causes me pain. Is it possible to have an exam without this pain? I am 66 years old."

Dr. Samuel Saleeb Responds: 

No patient should have a painful GYN exam.

If pain does occur, it may be due to use of a metal speculum, use of a larger speculum than needed, lack of estrogen (in menopausal women not using hormones), associated diseases (like prolapse) or a rough examiner.
In my office, I use plastic soft speculum, the smallest size possible. I use plenty of lubricant and I go very easily.

Still, if my patient starts to feel discomfort, I abandon the speculum exam and use only a digital exam.

In a digital exam, the provider inserts two gloved fingers into the vagina and places the other hand on your abdomen, applying slight pressure.This exam permits the detection of any growths, abnormalities, swellings, or areas of tenderness in the pelvic area.

– Dr. Samuel Saleeb

Dr. Saleeb is a urogynecologist, which is a gynecologist who specializes in the care of women with pelvic floor dysfunction. He practices at the Saleeb Uro-Gynecology Center in Williamsville. He also practices twice monthly at the Ken-Ton FamilyCare Center in Tonawanda (a full evaluation of the pelvic floor is not available at this location).

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