A Few Words From Our Patients

“As the result of my surgery, I no longer have the debilitating pain in my groin that I experienced constantly before my hip replacement. I have since returned to my full time job as an engineer at Praxair and I have resumed my activities on our family-owned Christmas tree farm in Bennington, NY.

I am looking forward to cross county skiing again this winter with my lovely wife who helped me with my rehab. Dr. Romanowski was fantastic and so was my stay at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.”

Jim H.

Alden, NY

“My wife and I like to walk and ride bikes almost every day. Prior to my surgery I could only walk a very short distance before the knee pain caused us to turn around and head home. I found myself sitting more and more due to the chronic pain in my knee.

After several cortisone injections, gel injections and physical therapy, I knew it was time. Friends and family were surprised to hear that at 57 years old, I needed a knee replacement. It didn’t matter to me. All I know is I’ve got my life back!

I can walk all day and feel no pain. I can ride my bike as often as I want. My knee pain is completely gone. Now I wonder why I waited as long as I did. The whole procedure was easier than I thought.”

Kenneth P.

North Tonawanda, NY

“I can do the things I couldn’t do before – shop, walk and be comfortable. I recently had company and went to Niagara Falls. Did a lot of walking, went on the Maid of the Mist and surprisingly I walked up all the steps at the Cave of the Winds. That was a wonderful feeling.

Thank you for such a change in my life.”

Linda S.

Tonawanda, NY

“My life has almost become painless. Aside from being a magnificent person, Dr. Stoeckl has shown his mastery at this kind of surgery. I’ll be forever thankful to him for all he has done for me. I also will be thankful to Kenmore Mercy Hospital (the hospital of my choice) for letting him perform these surgeries. The last 30 years of my life, due to circumstances like raising a family and putting them through college hasn’t been pretty but with God’s help, I feel like a new person. Thank you all.” Francesco G.

West Amherst, NY

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“I am so happy I had this surgery – my left knee hurt so much before the surgery I could not stand for extended periods of time – I could not walk any distance – even grocery shopping was unbearable at times I was on pain pills – now I can stand and walk – no more pills. I have lost weight and my whole outlook has improved.

The care I got was great – everyone was so attentive and positive and helpful!! Physical Therapy was very helpful too! I am back to golfing and walking around at work.”

E. Mira B.

Orchard Park, NY

“Being a plumber/pipefitter, my daily pain before the surgery affected my ability to do my job to the best of my ability.

Thanks to the robotic surgery performed by Dr. Shields and his team, they were able to restore my ability to work pain free and enjoy the walks with my wife. I will tell anyone who has doubts do not hesitate to have surgery for joint replacement. The inconvenience of therapy far outweighs the pain free lifestyle I finally got back after years of suffering.

Thank you Catholic Health and the Hip and Knee Center for your help and expertise.”

Donald S.

Lancaster, NY

“After suffering with knee pain and having meniscus surgery with no positive results I continued to have pain and received cortisone shots as often as possible and numerous times had arthritic fluid drained from knee. Finally the pain and limping had me to a breaking point.

My wife called and we were scheduled with an appointment with Dr. Rachala – amazingly I was back to work in 8 weeks with no pain or limitations. This surgery has given me my quality of life back at the age of only 46. I have no doubt without the surgery I would be missing out on so much!”

Larry S.

Olean, NY

“I am so happy that I had this knee replacement. I can now walk as far as I like with no more pain or discomfort. After only 5 months, I hardly think of my new knee at all (except for kneeling down to clean the floor). I have returned to golf and tennis and am grateful every day for having undergone the struggle of post-op recovery and rehab. My experiences could not have been better and I credit my physical therapist for my good recovery.” Eileen G.

West Seneca, NY

“I have been able to ride my bike comfortably again! I love to ride my bike! I am looking forward to riding my bike on the new bike path. I also have been able to enjoy going for walks again! This summer my husband and I were able to enjoy Roseland Water Park in Canandaugua Lake, NY. It was so much fun sliding down those water slides!

Everyone was very helpful while I was in Kenmore Mercy Hospital. Thank you for helping me enjoy things again!”

Donna W.

Buffalo, NY

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*Testimonials may have been edited for content and length