Kenmore Mercy Hospital prides itself on its sense of family. What better time than Mother’s Day to celebrate our multi-generational healthcare families, what they learn from each other, and their inspiring successes

Ernestine & Emily Rotolo (pictured above)

Erna (AKA Ernestine) Rotolo is a social worker in Kenmore Mercy Hospital’s Case Management Department where she helps plan the next stages of care for patients in in the Medical Rehabilitation Unit.

She is the proud mother of Emily, a registered nurse in Kenmore Mercy’s Intensive Care Unit for two years.

“I love that my daughter works at Kenmore Mercy,” noted Erna. “She is passionate about being a nurse and loves working in the ICU. I don’t see her much at work, but when I do, it makes my day.”

Erna has worked with Catholic Health for 27 years, 15 of which have been with Kenmore Mercy. While she lives in Hamburg, she doesn’t mind the longer drive to Kenmore Mercy. “It is such a wonderful community hospital. The people that work here are so caring and compassionate,” she added.

It is obvious that Emily has been inspired by her mother’s dedication to her job. “My mother has absolutely influenced my career path,” she said. “She has been working for Catholic Health for over 25 years. My mother has guided me in the right direction in every aspect of my life.”

“I knew healthcare was the right path for me because of how happy and fulfilled my mom is. I have always wanted to be in this line of work,” added Emily. She began working at an assisted living facility in high school with the goal of becoming a nurse.

Together, Erna and Emily are a dynamic duo making a difference in patients’ lives every single day. Emily cares for critically ill patients, while Erna works to ensure they get the right care when they leave the hospital.

Sharon Coleman & Debbie Micholas

Debbie Micholas, BSN, RN, ONC, is a patient care services supervisor for the hospital’s 2 East and 2 South Patient Care Units.   A nurse with Kenmore Mercy for nine years, Debbie recruited her mother Sharon Coleman as a hospital volunteer this past January.

Having her mother serve as a volunteer in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit is a great way for the pair to spend more quality time together.  Debbie has also observed that her mother is very happy as a volunteer. “She is so engaged when she talks with people,” she noted.

Debbie started her career in a chiropractic office.  After experiencing the loss of a family member, she knew that she wanted to be a nurse. “I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I have never looked back since I started down the path to nursing,” she said.

Watching her daughter excel as a nurse, and eventually achieving a management position, Sharon is very proud of Debbie. “She worked very hard to get where she is. I was happy to support her in any way possible to help her achieve her dreams.”

Debbie Green & Shannon Gutt

Debbie Green, BSN, RN, a nurse supervisor, has been a nurse at Kenmore Mercy for 35 years. She calls the hospital her “other family and a home away from home.”

When Debbie, speaks about working with her daughter Shannon Gutt, a radiology technologist, she gushes with pride. “I get to see my baby girl help others. She has grown into a wonderful, caring, and loving young woman.”


A second generation nurse, Debbie recalls visiting a nursing home where her mother worked. Those visits and watching her mother impacted her greatly. “When it came time to choose a career, there was no question that I wanted to go into healthcare,” she said. “I love to help others.”

While Shannon always knew she wanted to work in a helping profession, she wasn’t sure of the exact path she wanted to follow. “My mother definitely influenced my decision to work in healthcare,” she said. “Growing up watching her demonstrate compassion and empathy towards her patients and seeing her love for her job was inspiring.”

Shannon, who has been with Kenmore Mercy for five years, enjoys her work, “because everyone here is a team. We all work together to provide the best patient care we can.”

Shannon and Debbie love working together.  “We share a similar passion for taking care of patients,” said Shannon.

Staff at Kenmore Mercy celebrated both National Hospital and Nurses’ Week this May.