Do you have an elderly parent who lives at home? The next time you are at their house, take a look around.

Are there throw rugs on the floor that someone could slip on?
Is there adequate lighting in the bathroom, bedroom or on the stairs?

If Mom or Dad has a cat or dog, they need to be very conscious of where their pet is when they get up from a chair.

There are lots of things you can do to keep older adults safe at home, such as installing grab bars in the bathtub to prevent falls. You can also provide a shower chair to sit on while bathing, or put a commode in the bedroom or bathroom.

More Simple Tips to Prevent Slip and Falls Are:

  • Install night lights in the bathroom and in the bedroom. Most falls happen in these rooms.
  • If you have loose rugs on the floor, a caregiver or an occupational therapist can put double-sided tape on the bottom of the rugs.
  • In the kitchen, items used most frequently should be stored at waist level. Shiny and slippery floors should be avoided. Clean up spills as soon as possible.
  • Seniors should always wear non-slip footwear when walking indoors.

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