Great parties get even better when there’s delicious food involved. These five guilt-free recipes will thrill your taste buds and help keep your calorie intake in check.

Mac n' Cheese Bites

Using low or non-fat versions of dairy products reduces the overall amount of fat and calories in this recipe. You could consider adding finely chopped broccoli or tomato to the mixture to add colorful, nutrient-rich veggies to this recipe.

Healthy Seven Layer Dip

Instead of high fat refried beans and sour cream, this recipe uses black beans and yogurt to reduce fat and overall calories.

Turkey Meatballs

Turkey is lower in fat and calories than the beef or pork used in traditional meatball recipes.

Maryland Crab Cakes

Panko provides the crunchy crust which absorbs less oil than traditional breadcrumbs.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Using whole wheat buns instead of white buns improves the nutrient profile of this recipe. Whole wheat breads provide filling fiber that breaks down into sugar as quickly as white breads, which is important for people with diabetes. For folks who are just watching what they eat and looking to improve overall nutrition, whole wheat, or any whole grain is going to keep you fuller longer-think satisfied-and provides vitamins and minerals that are lost in the refining process.

Additional Healthy Hints

Rounding out your big game spread with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to give your guests something crunchy and low-calorie to enjoy. It also makes it a more well-balanced spread. Use cut veggies for dips, add a green salad or fruit platter, and dress your sandwiches or subs with lots of veggie toppings.

Remember to stay hydrated with non-calorie beverages, like water or unsweetened iced tea. If you’re enjoying an alcoholic beverage or brew, keep in mind that these contribute calories and reduce both your blood sugar and your inhibitions. Meaning, you might find yourself tempted to snack more. Current health recommendations for daily alcohol intake differ for men and women. Men are recommended to have no more than two drinks a day, while its suggested that women drink a single alcohol beverage a day.

Integrating healthy food into your party planning doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Start by trying our guilt-free recipes and keep our healthy hints in mind for a well-balanced party menu.