Socialization and laughter can be better than any medicine. Being around other people and having social interactions can have many benefits to your health and overall well-being in life. Creating meaningful relationships is necessary at any stage in your life and we often overlook the social needs of older adults.

Experts agree that the benefits of an active social life can have a positive change on your health and life including:

  • Increased mental health: Creating new relationships or getting together with an old friend can increase feelings of well-being which leads to a more positive mood.
  • Sense of purpose: Being a part of group gives us a sense of purpose and feeling that we belong. We all need a sense of motivation and excitement when we wake up in the morning and belonging to a group can do that for many older adults.
  • Increased self-esteem: Socializing helps us develop our self-esteem as we get to know more people and are active in society.
  • Support: Being social and creating relationships offers support to you when you are down. You may also feel a sense of purpose again while giving emotional support. This can help you in any facet of your life.

According to Susan Brooks, Director of Nursing at Sisters of Charity Hospital, socialization and participating in group activities can be essential to the overall health of senior adults. 

Beyond improving mental health and lowering rates of depression, multiple studies have also revealed that an active social life can boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, and reduce physical pain that is reinforced by depression.

Susan Brooks

Director of Nursing, Sisters of Charity Hospital

Adult Day Health Care Program Offers Socialization

An Adult Day Health Care program is a great option for adults 18 and older who need health monitoring, rehabilitative services and want to socialize with others.

Edna, a member of the St. Catherine Labouré Adult Day Program, began attending because she missed social interactions after losing her husband. She has family that live with her, but they are working and not able to be around the entire day if assistance is needed. “I didn’t really want to come here at first…but now I love it,” she says.

Services that are available include nursing care, social work, physical therapy, speech therapy, nutritional counseling, case management and recreational activities. The program operates Monday through Friday and the participants are usually in the program for five hours.

Learn More About the Adult Day Program
Call (716) 862-2513

Learn More About the Adult Day Program
Call (716) 862-2513