Western New Yorkers aren’t strangers to large amounts of snow. Still each year when the temps drop and the snow fall mounts, thousands of people get hurt while shoveling.

Don’t let the next snowstorm be the cause of your aching back. Consider these tips for snow removal that will keep you pain-free this winter.

Tips for Shoveling Snow

  • Selecting the right shovel: Choose a smaller shovel over a large one. Small shovels lighten the load and help ensure you avoid picking up more than your body can handle. Also, minimize bending with a shovel that has a curved or adjustable handle.
  • Wear shoes with a hefty tread: This increases traction to help reduce slips and falls.
  • Make time to stretch: Just like any other exercise, you need to warm up your body and get your muscles moving. Try doing some light stretching before heading out.
  • Push rather than lift: A shovel full of wet snow can weigh a lot. Consider pushing the snow out of the way if/when possible.
  • Keep the shovel close to your body: Try not to reach out in front of you when pushing or lifting snow as it can cause your muscles to strain or may result in a fall.
  • Don’t twist at your waist: Always face in the direction of where you’re shoveling. If you need to change direction move your whole body.
  • Bend at your knees, not at your back: When you lift snow, it’s important to bend your knees and keep your back straight. 
  • Take your time: Give yourself frequent breaks and ask for help if you feel your body getting too tired.

If you fall or experience any lasting pain or discomfort from shoveling, be sure to speak with your primary care doctor or seek out an orthopedic specialist. 

Don’t have one? Give us a call and we can help find a physician near you.

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Find a Doctor Near You
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