Breakfast Tortilla


This is a fun recipe that allows you to get creative with the veggies you like: other combinations could include chopped mushrooms and roasted red peppers, artichokes and ricotta cheese, or green chiles with Monterey jack cheese. 

I am often asked about bread products because labels can be confusing. In this case, the recipe calls for a whole grain tortilla, which could mean corn or wheat. Feel free to choose which flavor you like best, as long as the first ingredient on the label uses the word “whole”. This ensures that you are getting all the beneficial nutrients in unrefined grain foods: the vitamins and minerals, fibers, and oils. If you choose a tortilla that is made with refined flours, whether corn or wheat, it’s been stripped of those nutrients, although they may be fortified back in, along with other additives. 

If you’re not a bread eater at all, you could make this more of a frittata and crack the egg and veggies into an oven-safe ramekin or small dish. 

Theresa Jackson RD, CSOWM, CDN

Clinical Nutrition Manager, Kenmore Mercy Hospital


  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 whole grain tortilla (6-inch diameter)
  • 1 plum tomato, chopped
  • 1 large egg
  • Black pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese 


Preheat oven to 450°.

Lightly coat a large skillet with nonstick cooking spray and heat over medium heat until hot. Add spinach and cook until wilted, 2 to 3 minutes. Set aside. 

Lightly coat a large baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray. Place tortilla on baking sheet and bake for 5 minutes, or until lightly browned. Remove from oven. 

Arrange tomato and spinach on the tortilla. Crack egg onto the center of the tortilla. Season with pepper, return to the oven, and bake for 12 minutes, or until yolk is set. Remove from oven, sprinkle cheese on top and bake until cheese has melted, about 2 minutes. Serve immediately. 

Yield: 1 serving

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 tortilla

Calories: 250
Fat: 13g
Saturated Fat: 4g
Cholesterol: 206mg
Sodium: 530mg
Carbohydrates: 18g
Fiber: 4g
Protein: 14g

* Nutritional information is based on ingredients listed and serving size; any additions or substitutions to ingredients may alter the recipe’s nutritional content

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