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Introducing The Right Way to Care with Kevin O’Connell. Join Kevin as he addresses relevant medical issues, interviews top physicians, and seeks out answers for what Western New Yorkers really need to know in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

A familiar face and beloved presence in Western New York, Kevin O’Connell’s 40-year career in broadcasting immersed him the culture and vibrancy of our Buffalo/Niagara communities.

In 2017, Kevin’s focus shifted after he received lifesaving treatment from the team at Sisters of Charity Hospital. The experience made him realize the importance of building relationships between healthcare providers in the area and the people who call it home. He wanted to find a way to raise awareness of serious health concerns, while connecting patients with the same critical healthcare services that saved him. There couldn’t be a better culmination of Kevin’s background – both personal and professional – than his new role as the Chief of Community Connections at Catholic Health.