Catholic Health Launches Specialty Pharmacy Services

May 7, 2021News & PR

Pharmacist support for chronically ill patients aligns with Catholic Health’s care management strategy, forms a key part of its Community Pharmacy Initiative

Furthering its mission to deliver high quality, compassionate, and affordable care to Western New York, Catholic Health announced today the launch of a new business line focused on offering comprehensive personalized, specialty pharmacy services across its network of physician practices and clinics. A key part of Catholic Health’s Community Pharmacy Initiative, the program is being developed in partnership with Trellis Rx, a leading technology-enabled specialty pharmacy services provider.

Patients across Western New York rely on specialty medication therapies to treat a variety of serious or chronic illnesses like cancer, hepatitis C, congestive heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Yet these medications are frequently expensive, challenging to manage, and have significant side effects. As a result, patients often struggle to adhere to these treatment regimens without the right level of clinical, financial management, and emotional support.

Easily Accessible, Patient-Centered Pharmacy Services

Catholic Health will tackle these challenges head-on by adding dedicated pharmacists to its care teams to help patients who require these specialty medications. The health system will also provide patient liaisons to help program participants navigate the often complex process of obtaining and complying with these medication therapies, and managing the high cost of specialty prescriptions. This personalized, local approach aligns with Catholic Health’s focus on patient-centered care and will create a much more user-friendly experience for patients and their families.

“We strive to provide our community with accessible, affordable, and innovative care – especially for those who are poor or disadvantaged,” said Joyce Markiewicz, Catholic Health Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer. “We know many patients struggle to afford and manage these complex therapies, often jeopardizing the chance to improve their health and enjoy their highest quality of life. We believe our specialty pharmacy services will give our patients the vital support they need to adhere to these critical regimens and achieve better health outcomes.”

Patients will receive in-person, telephonic and virtual medication education and ongoing counseling from pharmacists with advanced clinical training. Pharmacy liaisons will manage financial assistance applications, insurance authorizations, medication refills and more to reduce the burden specialty medications often create for patients and providers.

Catholic Health will initially offer these services for its patients living with cancer and diabetes and plans to expand services throughout 2021 to support patients with other serious and chronic conditions.