On March 26, Catholic Health converted its St. Joseph Campus into New York State’s first dedicated COVID-19 treatment center. The emergency department at St. Joseph Campus has closed indefinitely in order to prepare for an influx of Coronavirus patients.

Centrally located in Cheektowaga, St. Joseph Campus is set up to provide the best possible care to the Western New York community during this public health crisis.

The team that’s been put together at St. Joseph Campus is just incredible, the folks that have already been working here, and then the people that they’ve brought in, working together.

There are teams fulfilling the numerous components of making a functional COVID-19 treatment facility. We have infection control experts, our medical staff, including critical care and hospitalist doctors, an incredible amount of nursing staff.

We have Information Technology working on the computer system, and also getting all of our monitors for critical care and other functions up and running. Just anything you can imagine – there are folks involved in spiritual care, HR trying to make sure we can get the staff we need. It’s just really phenomenal to see what they’re doing.

Kevin Shiley, MD

Infectious Disease Specialist, Catholic Health

FAQs About Catholic Health’s COVID-19 Treatment Facility at St. Joseph Campus

Why did Catholic Health create a dedicated COVID-19 facility?

St. Joseph Campus has been transformed to specifically meet the needs of COVID-19 patients. With a dedicated building, staff, supplies, and equipment, we’re focused on providing patients with the best possible care. 

The site is equipped with highly advanced technology and equipment, used by compassionate caregivers ready to support patients through their illness and into recovery.

How is St. Joseph Campus different from other COVID-19 treatment facilities?

Ours is a centralized treatment facility exclusive to COVID-19 patients. This approach allows Catholic Health to promote the health and safety of our associates, patients, as well as the Western New York community. 

St. Joseph Campus is a 120-bed inpatient center, with the region’s highest concentration of COVID-19 resources, helping us to provide comprehensive care. 

Is the emergency room still open?

St. Joseph Campus has indefinitely transitioned into a COVID-19 treatment center to better serve the community. The emergency department at St. Joseph Campus is closed.

Please click here to see a list of emergency department alternatives from within the Catholic Health system. If you or a loved one is in need of immediate medical attention, please visit your nearest emergency department, or dial 9-1-1.

Are visitors allowed for COVID-19 patients?

St. Joseph Campus, along with other Catholic Health facilities, are currently adhering to DOH and CDC recommendations to restrict visitation. Visitors are not permitted in the COVID-19 treatment facility. 

You will, however, be able to get updates on your loved ones by calling (716) 891-2400. 

In extremely rare circumstances involving end-of-life care, temporary visitation to family members may be granted. Every effort to connect patients with their loved ones will be made, but the overall safety of our caregivers, patients, and the community cannot be compromised. 

Won't being around other COVID-19 cases worsen my condition?

No. The facility’s layout was carefully designed by our system’s infection control and safety specialists. There are zoned areas intended for maximum protection of patients as well as healthcare workers. 

How are you protecting front-line caregivers?

The special zoned layout of St. Joseph Campus was created to protect healthcare workers and patients. Color-coded safety zones are partitioned by walls and prominent signage, instructing caregivers on personal protective equipment protocols required in different sections. 

If I feel sick, do I go directly to the facility to be tested or treated?

No. Walk-in patients will not be admitted to Catholic Health’s COVID-19 treatment facility. Patients will only be admitted with diagnosis and approval from a physician, in addition to meeting this location’s inpatient criteria. 

To Learn More About Our COVID-19 Response, Click Here

To Learn More About Our COVID-19 Response, Click Here