Excited for football playoffs but still hoping to honor your New Year’s Resolutions? The registered dietitians of Catholic Health have you covered with these five nutritious (and flavorful!) recipes that pair perfectly with the big game. 

Football-friendly Recipes Approved by a Registered Dietitian 


Keep your sodium content in check by replacing a store-bought jar with this fresh and fruity homemade salsa. 


Serve it with raw veggies or whole-grain tortilla chips for a good source of vegetarian protein. 


An unexpected crowd pleaser: full flavor and a punch of protein from a simple dish that comes together in minutes. 


Using Greek yogurt as a base dramatically lowers the fat and calorie content of this dip recipe. Most dips call for mayo or sour cream! 


What goes together better than football and chili? This hearty, nutritious recipe is ready to be your main event! 

More Healthy Hints

Rounding out your spread with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is a good way to give your taste buds something crunchy and low-calorie to enjoy. If you’re adding chips or crackers, look for a multi-grain product, and remember to read nutrition labels before you throw an item into your cart! 

Remember to stay hydrated with non-calorie beverages, like water or unsweetened iced tea. If you’re enjoying an alcoholic beverage or brew, keep in mind that these contribute calories and reduce both your blood sugar and your inhibitions. Meaning, you might find yourself tempted to snack more.

Interested in Nutrition Counseling?

If you find these healthy tips beneficial, we encourage you to look into our nutrition counseling services. Many people can improve their health and wellness by adopting new dietary and lifestyle changes.

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Find Nutrition Counseling Near You
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