You probably know the story of the phoenix, a brilliant bird that obtains new life by rising from the ashes of what came before.

Now I’d like to tell you the story of our Phoenix. Phoenix is our bright, beautiful son, born at Sisters Hospital this past November. He has helped my life partner, MacNore Iman, and I rise back up from the most traumatic experience of our lives.

You see, a little more than a year before Phoenix was born, our first son, Kali Ra, passed away after complications from a home birth arose. An emergency C-section at another hospital came too late and Kali returned to the arms of our ancestors four days after he was born. The 2016 holiday season closely followed. It was a very difficult period for my family, as we had prepared for a much different reality.


I was in the depths of grief when Amy Creamer, coordinator of the perinatal bereavement program called Footprints on the Heart at Sisters learned of my story and reached out to offer her support in the kindest way. When my partner and I learned we were pregnant again, we shared the news with Amy and began planning to welcome our rainbow baby “Phoenix.” That’s when Amy suggested we speak with Dr. Jaime Obst, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Sisters Hospital.

Dr. Obst helped guide us 180 degrees from our previous trauma to the most redemptive and empowering birth experience imaginable. Dr. Obst deeply empathized with what we had endured previously with Kali Ra. She worked with us and coordinated a prenatal plan with Amy. She never rushed us. She listened with great interest as we sat and reviewed my multi-page “Phoenix Rising Birth Plan” point by point. And Dr. Obst went above and beyond to hand-pick the birth team who would help deliver our precious rainbow baby.

Honoring Dr. Obst on Doctors’ Day

We love Dr. Obst and want to honor her on National Doctors’ Day. It’s an annual celebration of caregivers who go above and beyond, such as Dr. Obst.

I am writing this letter to ask you to be part of the celebration and please consider supporting Sisters Hospital Foundation with a donation. Maybe you have had your own great experience with a doctor or staff member at Sisters Hospital. This is your chance to honor them and support the great work that they do.

Your recognition is a gift in itself. Our experience with Sisters Hospital transformed our entire perspective of what a hospital birth could be. Our birth experience with Dr. Obst changed our lives. We will never forget Kali, especially as Phoenix has brought back a joyful light that started with his brother. While you’re reflecting on our story, please consider making a donation today. Any and every contribution is appreciated.

On behalf of Phoenix, MacNore and myself, thank you so much.

– Morgan Jamie Dunbar

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A Letter from Dr. Jaime Obst

It is always an honor for me to work with a mother/couple who has been through a previously difficult birth experience. I take great pride in handling their memories and experiences with care, and then planning with them to create a better birth experience. The delivery of a child is the most profoundly life-changing experience any couple can go through, and I view my role as not only making it a safe experience for mother and baby, but making it one that will hopefully lead to many happy memories, regardless of the circumstances.

I am confident that Sisters Hospital provides excellent obstetric and newborn care, which is one of the reasons why I have chosen to have each of my children here at Sisters as well. It brings me great joy to hear the satisfied stories of so many of my patients after their deliveries at Sisters.

Dr. Jaime Obst, OB/GYN, Sisters of Charity Hospital, Piver Center for Women’s Health