Episode 10: How Do I Choose the Right Doctor?

The Right Way to Care with Kevin O'Connell

What’s Most Important in a Doctor-Patient Relationship?

Dr. Gregory Castiglia, Neurosurgeon at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, talks with Catholic Health Chief of Community Connections, Kevin O’Connell, about his commitment to his practice. “I don’t think work ever leaves,” Dr. Castiglia says, viewing his role as a surgeon as more of a lifestyle than a job.

Dr. Castiglia’s career in neurosurgery has taken him to a number of different health centers and medical teams. Through it all, he’s maintained that the best doctor-patient relationships are formed when both parties have confidence in one another. He emphasizes the role that medical technology will continue to play in caring for patients going forward – for Dr. Castiglia and his colleagues, as well as for future generations of neurosurgeons.

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When I’m in the operating room, it’s the most important thing that I’m doing that day, at that time – and time sort of stands still when we’re in the OR. So I don’t know that I’ve ever really computed how long I’m in there, we’re there from the start until we’re satisfied that we’ve done everything we can. 

Gregory Castiglia, MD

Neurosurgeon, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

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