Episode 12: What Are the Two Different Types of Strokes?

The Right Way to Care with Kevin O'Connell

Educating Ourselves About the Causes of Stroke

Alex Foley, RN, BSN, returns to speak with Kevin O’Connell about her work as Comprehensive Stroke Center Coordinator at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.

When actor Luke Perry unexpectedly passed in early 2019, it put a national spotlight on stroke – its risk factors and how devastating an occurrence can be. Still, the stroke team at Mercy Hospital wants to encourage Western New Yorkers not to wait for a news headline to spread stroke awareness, when we could be working to educate ourselves. 

Some people labor under the misconception that a stroke has something to do with your heart, or that strokes only happen to the elderly. Alex starts with the basics, urging viewers to learn the types of strokes that can occur: ischemic and hemorrhagic, and the differences between the two. 

When blood flow is not getting to an area of your brain so that part of the brain is essentially dying from lack of blood flow, that’s an ischemic stroke. It’s the most common type of stroke. And then there’s hemorrhagic strokes, where all of a sudden a blood vessel in your brain has burst for some reason, usually an aneurysm – which is a hereditary condition most often. 

Alexandria Foley, RN, BSN

Comprehensive Stroke Center Coordinator, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

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