Episode 5: Common Misconceptions About the Risk for Stroke

Stroke, The Right Way to Care with Kevin O'Connell

What’s the biggest myth about strokes?

Even though it causes more serious long-term disabilities than any other disease in the United States, many people don’t know much about stroke.

Comprehensive Stroke Center Coordinator at Mercy Hospital, Alexandria Foley sees a lot of patients that say they didn’t think something like this would every happen to them. That’s why she sat down with Chief of Community Connections, Kevin O’Connell to talk about what people need to understand about their risk for stroke.

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A lot of times, people think that men have a tendency to not go to their doctor more often, so they’re more at risk. But, there’s different things for women that put them at a different risk altogether. Young women, in particular, if they take birth control and they smoke, that’s a really bad combination and your increased likelihood for a stroke come from those two things combined. 

We learned from Luke Perry, unfortunately, he had an ischemic stroke that cost him his life, and he was a young person. Ultimately with his health in general, he didn’t seem to have a lot of risk factors so they can come out of nowhere. That also goes to speak to a silent stroke. There’s people that don’t have significant risk factors that all of sudden can have a stroke.

Alexandria Foley, RN, BSN

Comprehensive Stroke Center Coordinator, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

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