Episode 8: What Should I Ask My Cardiologist?

The Right Way to Care with Kevin O'Connell

What Does My Cardiologist Need to Know? What Questions Should I Ask?

From measuring risks for heart disease to discussing healthy lifestyle changes, cardiologists are invaluable resources for patients. However, some people find it overwhelming to try and pinpoint specific questions to ask at their next cardiologist appointment.

Catholic Health Chief of Community Connections, Kevin O’Connell, sits down with Dr. Eram Chaudhry, Interventional Cardiologist at Trinity Medical, WNY, to learn how conversations with her patients help guide her care philosophy. Dr. Chaudhry believes that understanding what’s going on in a person’s life beyond their health issues is significant to her medical practice.

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For me, I find that actually sitting down and just letting the patient talk about other things besides their heart – about their family situation, about the loved one that they just lost. A lady who comes in and tells me she lost her husband six months ago and she is terrified of being alone… just listening to them. I find that is absolutely essential.

That’s probably a good 30-40% of the care that I deliver, and should deliver, is listening to my patients and getting to know the environment they live in, getting to know the context they are coming from. 

Eram Chaudhry, MD

Interventional Cardiologist, Trinity Medical Cardiology

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