4 Ways Exercise Supports the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Exercise some breast cancer awareness!

Did you know the benefits of exercise apply to women battling breast cancer? The positive impact that getting active has on human health doesn’t stop during breast cancer treatment. 

Here are 4 reasons why: 


Studies show more successful outcomes

Breast cancer survivors who engage in regular physical activity are less likely to experience a recurrence of breast cancer. That’s a fact! Exercise has also been proven to reduce breast cancer mortality rates.


May help manage other side effects

Though breast cancer treatment is known to be quite taxing on patients, exercise may help alleviate common side effects. Regular physical activity is linked to enhanced quality of life and reduced feelings of anxiety. However, in breast cancer patients specifically, exercise has also been proven to decrease fatigue while promoting your tolerance for treatment.


Decreases known risk factors

Regular exercise decreases the risk that a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Women who are not physically active, or those who are obese or overweight are known to be at higher risk than active women with a healthy weight. 


There’s a mental health component

Sadly, cancer treatment can make patients feel powerless when it comes to their health. Motivating themselves to exercise gives patients some control back – making a choice to do something that’s good for the mind, body, and spirit. 

Discuss Fitness Routines with Your Doctor

There are so many fitness routines to choose from these days. Should you focus on cardio or low-impact? What about weight lifting or interval training?

If you’re a breast cancer survivor or currently undergoing cancer treatment, make sure to discuss starting a new workout routine with your doctor. Your care team can help you determine the best exercises to support your overall wellness.

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Find a Breast Cancer Oncologist Near You
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