With the snow finally melting, Buffalo runners are ready to lace up. But, before you hit the pavement, AthletiCare physical therapist Jeff Castiglione PT DPT CSCS, reminds us to avoid overdoing it early on.

Avoid Injury During Your Springtime Workouts

Before you start with the first run, hike or extended walk of the spring season, follow these tips to avoid painful injuries and get the most out of your springtime workouts.

1 Stretch, warm-up, and cool-down. Try a mix of static stretches and dynamic stretches helps warm up and loosen your muscles, tendons and ligaments so you can avoid common injuries like plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

2 Wear the right shoes. Old shoes can be uncomfortable or show signs of serious wear. Slowly break in those new shoes too.


3 Don’t do too much too soon. If you haven’t jogged in a couple of months, start slowly. Consider walking first, then increase your running intervals. Don’t run two days in a row when you’re just starting out.

4 Watch out for puddles, mud and ice. Be on the lookout for unexpected patches of ice in shadowy areas and slippery puddles of mud, both of which can lead to scary slips, trips and falls that cause bruises, sprains, bone fractures and other painful symptoms.

5 Listen to your body. If you feel pain, your body is telling you to stop. Don’t push through the discomfort or ignore it.

Too Much Too Soon Can Be Painful

Castiglione notes that, “ankle sprains, patellar tendonitis, hamstring strains and low back pain that result from doing too much too soon will only get worse if they go untreated.”

Whether you jog a few miles, tee up for a round of golf, shoot hoops with your kids, or tackle yard work, too abrupt of a transition to full-throttle activity after a more or less sedentary winter can increase the risk of getting hurt.

Don’t let your spring fever derail your summer! If you are feeling pain, consider working with a physical therapist to ensure that you don’t experience further injury to your body.

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Find a Physical Therapist Near You
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