Think about it: Are your elderly relatives and loved ones getting enough socialization?

A healthy social life is not just a luxury for seniors. In fact, medical studies show that regular socialization can improve quality of life, mental health, and cognitive ability in the elderly.

Unfortunately, common life changes experienced by seniors may affect their social opportunities. These include: the death of a spouse or close friend, reduced mobility, and distance from close family members.

What Is Cognitive Health and Why Is It Important?

Loosely defined, cognitive health = brain health.

As humans, our cognitive function includes our abilities to think, learn, and remember. This controls our emotional response to situations, and the ability to accurately perceive our surroundings.

Benefits of Socialization

Here are a few benefits of socialization seen in the elderly:

  • Better stress response
  • More likely to be physically active
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Reduced risk of depression and anxiety
  • Shown to lower hospital visits

Find Social Opportunities for Seniors in Erie County

Catholic Health’s LIFE program promotes socialization improving cognitive health and emotional well-being in the elderly. Our adult day program organizes social activities and community gatherings for seniors who may be lacking this human connection in their everyday life.

As an added bonus, daytime supervision and coordinated medical  care are additional services provided by the LIFE program. Click here to see requirements for program eligibility. 

Learn About the LIFE Program
Call (716) 706-2112

Learn About the LIFE Program
Call (716) 706-2112