Inside the Dish
with Chef Darian Bryan
at the Food Farmacy

Eating a variety of fresh, nutritious foods is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing certain health conditions. Which is why, Catholic Health has partnered with our friend Chef Darian Bryan for a special edition of Inside the Dish at the Food Farmacy, creating easy-to-make healthy recipes.

These delicious recipes are all made with fresh ingredients that are regularly available at the Food Farmacy, conveniently located in same building as the Sisters Health Center D’Youville at 301 Connecticut St. Buffalo, NY.

Easy Recipes with Food Farmacy Ingredients

Chef Darian Bryan

Chef Darian’s Potato Cups

Make mornings a little easier with Chef Darian’s Potato Cups! These healthy bites are filling, easy to make, and great for an on-the-go breakfast.

Chef Darian’s Easy Asian Stir Fry

Ordering out increases your risk of consuming high amounts of sodium, sugar, and trans fats, so skip the takeout and serve up Chef Darian’s Easy Asian Stir Fry tonight! This quick dish requires little prep and few dishes for easy clean up.

Sisters Health Center D’Youville

The Food Farmacy is open to the general public and easily accessible with a prescription from the Sisters Health Center at D’Youville. Our skilled primary care staff provides comprehensive medical treatment with translation services readily available to assist multilingual families.

Schedule an appointment with our office, receive your prescription, and stop by the Food Farmacy to get fresh local produce and poultry so you can create your own version of Chef Darian’s recipes!

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