Kenmore Mercy Associates Bid Farewell to Recovered COVID-19 Patient

Apr 22, 2020Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates, News & PR

The lobby, stairwell, and balconies of Kenmore Mercy Hospital were filled with associates, as they gathered to bid an emotional farewell to a 27-year-old patient, Joseph Marquez.

Presenting with serious respiratory issues when he first arrived at the ER on March 31, Joseph came to the hospital in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. After a brief stay in the designated COVID-19 Unit, he began to decline and was transferred to the ICU, where he was intubated and put on a ventilator to help him breathe.

Creating a Bond between Caregivers and Family

Developmentally disabled, Joseph has always had his mother, Carol, by his side. Due to visitor restrictions, she was unable to visit her eldest son during what she described as “the longest and scariest journeys” of their lives.  Three weeks later, he went from being in the ICU on a vent for two weeks to our first successful COVID extubation.  And, he’s back to baseline!

Our nurses not only cared for him clinically, but worked to ensure he stayed in contact with his mother through use of an iPad and provided comfort to him when he wasn’t able to able to see her. They developed an immeasurable bond that is representative of the compassionate care that Kenmore Mercy Hospital is known for. One of the most precious stories was how one ICU nurse, Mary LaMartina sang “You are my sunshine” to him because that’s what his mom would have done to keep him calm.

An Emotional Sendoff

The staff was very touched by their experience meeting and caring for Joseph. Many of them gathered today to wish him the best as he goes home and reunites with his family.  This included medical/surgical and critical care nurses, rehabilitation staff,  respiratory therapists, case managers, spiritual care, and so many others.