The holidays can be a source of struggle for families dealing with a financial strain. Kenmore Mercy Hospital associates and community donors made it possible for local families to put something under their tree at its third annual Christmas Shoppe held on Saturday, December 14.

Helping Families in Need

This year 68 families benefited from the program held at Catholic Health’s Ken-Ton FamilyCare Center where they were able to “shop” for brand new clothes for their children at no personal cost.

Hospital associates who volunteered their time at the event, helped shoppers sign in and choose from tables that were filled with brand new clothes, pajamas, socks and diapers.

“The children supported are our current pediatric patients at the Ken-Ton FamilyCare Center. They are families struggling for various reasons to make ends meet, and through the generosity of our associates, this is an opportunity for us to help provide an enjoyable Christmas experience for the children,” said Bill Vaughan, MAT, BCC, Vice President, Mission Integration at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

Donations came primarily from the hospital’s staff who supported 160 children this year. In addition, gifts were supplied by Colvin Cleaners, Wegmans and the Kenmore Mercy Hospital Medical Staff.