For over 45 years, Nick Bechakas and his family have operated The Olympic Family Restaurant in Kenmore. For more than 20 of those years, Nick has regularly supported the Kenmore Mercy Foundation with an annual donation. Nick shares why it is the right way to care for him.

What is your relationship with Kenmore Mercy Hospital?

Kenmore Mercy is our community hospital – they are right around the corner to take care of our employees when we need them. With 40 employees, things happen like someone needing stitches. Kenmore Mercy is the first place we think of and the care is always incredible.

What or who inspired you to make your first gift?

We have been here serving customers for 45 years and Kenmore Mercy has always been right there with us. So it is really our customers who inspire us to give. Giving is the right thing to do as it allows us to thank the community for supporting us. We can’t thank every customer individually, but by supporting a community asset such as the hospital, we hope to show our appreciation.

Why do you personally feel it is important to support the foundation?

Kenmore Mercy Hospital is my neighbor and like a good neighbor, we must help one another. We donate to community groups all the time, but Kenmore Mercy is at the top of the list. I personally never want to see the hospital go away so I do what I can to support them.

What do you hope to achieve with your gift?

Each year, I hope our gift simply makes Kenmore Mercy better and better. And it does, because you can see the progress they make each year. The new emergency department is just one example. I leave it up to the Foundation to direct my gift to wherever it is needed. The entire community benefits.

What is your message to others who are considering a gift to Kenmore Mercy?

Time is of the essence. So the time to give to the hospital is now, no matter the amount. Especially if you are a business thriving in the community. It’s a great way to thank and support your customers while helping Kenmore Mercy.

Please consider giving to Kenmore Mercy Foundation

Take it from Nick – you play an important part in the right way to care by giving to Kenmore Mercy Foundation. To make your gift, please use the convenient for below or visit the website to make your secure donation online at Every contribution helps. Your donation is greatly appreciated and we thank you for joining Kenmore Mercy Hospital in the right way to care.