We have lived our entire lives in Kenmore-Tonawanda, including 42 years of marriage, raising two children, and our careers. So, we certainly know Kenmore Mercy Hospital. We didn’t know that one day the hospital would save Karen’s life.

This past summer, Karen was experiencing severe stomach pain and we hurried to the emergency department at Kenmore Mercy. She was quickly taken for an ultrasound and CAT scan which revealed a perforated bowl. Within a couple of hours, she was in the operating room for emergency surgery by Dr. Liam Knott.

Needless to say, I was scared and anxious as we waited. Then one of the surgical nurses came into the waiting room halfway through the procedure to share an update. Her compassionate, positive attitude calmed me down. When the surgery was done, Dr. Knott himself came and spoke to me, taking the time to explain everything and patiently answer our questions.

Karen was admitted to the ICU and spent four days there before being moved to a room. Throughout this time the care and kindness of the nurses, staff, and Dr. Thomas Brewer, a critical care specialist, was remarkable. They always took the time to communicate what was going on and answer our questions. Dr. Brewer was especially reassuring, and always took the time to communicate Karen’s progress.

Thankfully, Karen continues to recover and looks forward to getting back to a normal life. We are so grateful to have the hospital in the center of our community and now we know just how exceptional the care is at Kenmore Mercy. That is why we want to recognize Dr. Knott, Dr. Brewer, and every caregiver we met at Kenmore Mercy.

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With our sincere thanks,

Dan Wiles and family