Have you ever provided care, in any form, for an aging relative or loved one? If so, then you’ll understand. Less opportunity to have a healthy social life is a major concern affecting the senior population.

Significant life changes may impact the way an older person goes about their day to day life. Some examples are:

  • Death of a spouse, relative, or close friend
  • Unable to drive on their own
  • Health issues that reduce mobility
  • Friends and family not living locally

Ultimately, you may notice that aging relatives and loved ones spend a lot of time at home. They become dependent on drop-by visits and phone calls for socialization. In extreme cases, they may start to feel lonely, anxious, or depressed.

Maintain Your Independence, Elevate Your Life

Still, the idea of permanently giving up their home may be a few years away. If you’re a primary caretaker for an aging relative or loved one, you may find yourself in a bit of a gray area. You may feel your loved one could benefit from more supervision or social activities, but they’re not ready to give up the independence that comes with homeownership.

LIFE is Catholic Health’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). It is an adult day center that provides coordinated medical care and social opportunities for seniors who maintain their own residence. 

Hear from one family how the LIFE program has helped their mother maintain her health and independence.

Features of the LIFE program geared toward seniors in this unique stage of life:

Social activities

Programming includes daily activities that promote creativity and engagement, like arts and crafts, musical performances, and group discussions.

On-site rehab

A rehabilitation center staffed by therapists for those who may be recovering from injury or living with chronic illness.

Coordinated medical care

LIFE program managers facilitate scheduling and transportation for all medical care. This may include primary care as well as specialty medicine. Appointments with a doctor may be on-site, in the provider’s office, or even at the participant’s home.

Live a Life of Your Own

The LIFE program enhances the lifestyle of its participants. Seniors are able to maintain their independence by living on their own, while reaping the benefits of supervised care and social opportunities. To inquire about program eligibility, call (716) 819-5433.

For More Information About LIFE
Call (716) 819-5433

For More Information About LIFE
Call (716) 819-5433