Catholic Health doctors and medical professionals from Sisters of Charity Hospital are embarking on an international mission trip to Cambodia – where they will provide vital medical care to residents in remote communities.

“The much needed medical services that we are able to provide, are the focus of our mission, but through the generosity of our partners, sponsors and supporters, we have been able to provide so much more to the communities that we travel to. We have been able to afford school tuition for students, medical insurance for over 125 families for a year and building and renovating homes, schools and libraries. It has been humbling and also a rewarding experience to see the impact that our physicians and the support of the Western New York community can make globally.”

Emmekunla Nylander, MD

Founder & Board Member, MOCA

MOCA to Take 11th Medical Mission

Medical Outreach and Community Assistance of Western New York (MOCA) is a local organization comprised of medical professionals, students, and lay people dedicated to helping those with limited access to healthcare and little to no resources to cover medical costs. Working alongside Medical Volunteers International (MVI), they are able to identify areas and towns in need and make arrangements to help.

As part of this initiative, the team from Sisters and a nurse from Oishei Children’s Hospital will perform surgeries and offer medical assistance to people throughout Cambodia.

On January 24, 2020, the group will set out on their eleventh trip, with many of the same members traveling and working together as a care team. The medical services provided during this mission primarily focus on OB/GYN care in combination with nursing and community assistance.

In the past, they traveled to remote towns and villages in West Africa and the Dominican Republic. This will be their first trip to Cambodia. The group relies on fundraising efforts to help finance these missions and receives generous donations of essential medication, anesthesia, and equipment from community groups and organizations.

Medical professionals on the mission to Cambodia include:

  • Dr. Michele Frech, OB/GYN
  • Dr. Praba Jeyalingam, OB/GYN
  • Dr. Jillian Kent, Anesthesia
  • Dr. Violet Maldonado, OB/GYN Resident
  • Dr. Emmekunla Nylander, OB/GYN
  • Dr. Jack Zhang, Anesthesia
  • Lauren Jarczewski, RN
  • Victoria McRath, OR Tech
  • Nicole Ortwein, OR Tech
  • Bonnie Renzi, CRNA
  • Debbie Smith, RN (Oishei Children’s Hospital)

Catholic Health and Sisters Hospital have supported these medical missions since 2009, when the group embarked on their first assignment. We are so proud to see this global initiative take root in Western New York, bringing comfort and healing to so many.