Mercy Hospital Unveils Major ER Renovation Project to Improve Patient Care and Efficiency

Jun 11, 2021Mercy Hospital Foundation, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, News & PR

Mercy Hospital of Buffalo unveiled a major Emergency Department (ED) renovation project on Friday, June 11, designed to improve patient care and efficiency. The over $500,000 donor-funded project reconfigured existing space in the ED reception area to accommodate a new provider-in-triage model of care that is being adopted by hospitals across the country to improve care and reduce patient wait time. The project expanded private triage and treatment areas for both non-critically ill patients and those patients who arrive at the hospital by ambulance.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the patient experience while delivering the highest quality of care possible,” said Mercy Hospital President Eddie Bratko. “This newly renovated Emergency Department is designed help us do just that.  It will help us care for our emergency patients more efficiently by creating additional private triage and treatment areas while also improving the waiting area and patient flow.”

In addition to expanding private treatment space, the project created dedicated triage areas for EMS ambulance patients, two designated pediatric treatment rooms and other improvements to enhance patient privacy, comfort and convenience.

“It seems like yesterday when we opened our state-of-the-art Mercy Emergency Care Center in 2010, but with healthcare ever-changing and evolving, Mercy Hospital continues to grow and change to meet the needs of the people we serve,” said Dr. Edward Cosgrove, Medical Director of the Mercy Emergency Care Center. “This new design will help us improve patient care and throughput as well as enhance patient privacy and comfort—all very important when it comes to delivering first-rate emergency care service.”

Support from Mercy Hospital Foundation

The renovation project was funded by the Mercy Hospital Foundation through the generous support of donors including major contributors: Scott Bieler and Kathy Lasher of the Scott Bieler Foundation; Mr. and Mrs. William and Jane Greene, Miss Maureen Athoe; and the Mercy Hospital Medical Staff.

“Mercy Hospital is a special place filled with exceptional people. The treatment I received here is as good as it gets, but the part you cannot measure on a list of assets is the amount of empathy that Kathy and I felt from everyone we encountered.  We are proud to be a part of the redesigned Emergency Center, knowing the impact it will have on the patients and everyone who works there for many years to come,” stated Scott Bieler.

“We are grateful to all of our generous donors who have helped us take our Emergency Care Center to an even higher level of quality and efficiency,” said Bratko. “In turn, this redesigned emergency center benefits the entire community we serve.” The ED renovation project was designed by Shaflucas Architects. The primary construction company on the project was Telco Construction.