Minimally Invasive Surgical Options to Improve or Restore Fertility

Thursday, April 4, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Millennium Hotel
2040 Walden Avenue
Buffalo, NY

More than six million women in the United States have endometriosis. Not only can the condition be extremely painful, it can also make it difficult to become pregnant.

Additionally, studies show 20-40% of women who have had a tubal ligation to avoid pregnancy seek a reversal procedure in the future. Today, minimally invasive surgical procedures are available to help in both of these situations.

Join nationally-recognized women’s health expert, Ali Ghomi, MD, for dinner and a discussion on how minimally invasive gynecologic surgery can help improve fertility. He’ll discuss how robotic surgery can be used to treat advanced endometriosis or reverse a tubal ligation, increasing a woman’s potential to become pregnant.

“Minimally Invasive Surgical Options to Improve or Restore Fertility” is open to the public. Guests are invited to attend one free community program per calendar year. After that, the cost is $20 and includes a meal.


Speakers include:

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