As first-time parents, having a baby was stressful enough for my husband and I. Delivering our daughter, Mila, during the COVID-19 pandemic took that stress to a whole new level.

But we are so grateful for the care we received at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital where Mila was born. We were treated like their very own family at every step. The doctors and nurses were calm and comforting, even as they navigated uncharted territory in the early months of the pandemic.

Our safety was their top priority. The staff did an excellent job of balancing the realities of the virus with the excitement of welcoming our child into the world. While the hospital could not allow visitors, my husband Alex was by my side and the staff made sure that we were safe.

Dr. Joseph Andrzejewski, my OB/GYN at The Center for Women at Mount St. Mary’s, was there for us even before we arrived. He gave us his cell phone number to call when we thought we were getting close. When the contractions began and we called Dr. Joe, he guided us on what to do and reassured us that they were more than prepared with safety and protection protocols.

Mila was born the morning of March 24th—just six days into New York State’s Stay-At-Home order. The gift of her birth actually helped my husband Alex and I forget the pandemic for a while and focus on the miracle right in front of our eyes. Since Mila’s grandparents could not visit at the hospital, the staff ensured we had technology in place to celebrate her special arrival.

Mount St. Mary’s Hospital made a trying time better. Mila is a happy and healthy baby today, and we will never forget the doctors, nurses and staff who made it possible.

That is why I am sharing our story with you, and am asking you to please support Mount St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation with a donation today. In this season of giving your donation will help Mount St. Mary’s respond to whatever might come next. Your gift will provide compassionate care for our entire community.

When patients are treated like family, anything is possible. And with your help, Mount St. Mary’s will be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Kaitlyn Grande