Mount St. Mary’s Hospital Grows Robotic Surgery Program with Acquisition of da Vinci System

Mar 30, 2021News & PR

Minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery is now available at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital with the addition of the latest generation da Vinci robotic surgical system. The technology provides doctors with the most advanced robotic surgery equipment available today, reducing recovery times, improving clinical outcomes, and redefining standards of care for area patients.

“The addition of the da Vinci system is a significant enhancement to our Surgery Department,” said Amy Vanone, RN, BSN, Assistant Director of Perioperative Services at Mount St. Mary’s. “Several of our surgeons are experienced in a variety of urologic, gynecologic and general surgery procedures using the da Vinci technology and are eager to begin offering this advanced care at our hospital.”

A New Level of Safe, Quality Care

Long scars and rows of stitches are a thing of the past with the da Vinci’s ability to “see” inside the body and perform intricate surgical procedures through pencil-sized openings. The system consists of the surgeon’s console and the four-armed robotic unit, which contains the slender surgical instruments. The console provides the surgeon with highly magnified, three-dimensional images of the surgical area and nimble hand controls that direct the robotic instruments with exacting precision.

“Mount St. Mary’s has an award-winning record for providing safe, high quality patient care,” adds CJ Urlaub, Hospital President and Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Integration & Care Delivery-Niagara County. “The da Vinci system will expand our surgical capabilities, enabling our team to offer greater comfort, safety, and convenience to better meet the needs of patients throughout Niagara County.”

Several gynecologic and general surgery procedures were performed at Mount St. Mary’s last week using the da Vinci system. The da Vinci was acquired from Eastern Niagara Hospital (ENH) following the closure of their hospital-based surgery department.