How real is post-pandemic anxiety? Even if you’ve been fully vaccinated, feeling hesitant returning to “normal” after a year of social distancing is only to be expected.

Fortunately, the warm temps and sunny skies we enjoy in the summer months are the perfect climate for some of our favorite outdoor activities. In fact, the CDC has designated outdoor activities as the “safest” pastimes for fully vaccinated individuals. 


10 Activities to Enjoy in WNY This Summer


Go for ice cream. 

Nothing beats a cold treat on a hot day! Bonus: Many of Western New York’s favorite spots have walk-up windows for ordering so you can stay outside. 


Catch a movie at the drive-in.

Drive-in movies are one summertime staple that has remained relatively unaffected by a global pandemic.

If you’re hesitant about going out, the drive-in is an easy place to start. 


Go for a hike on a nature trail.

Hiking is a great way to get active while spending quality time with your loves ones. Depending how popular of a trail you select (and what time you set out), you may still be able to keep your distance from others. 


Go camping.

Whether you’re a veteran or first-time camper, this is an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with a select group of people. Be sure to note that some campgrounds’ reservation requirements and safety protocols have changed due to COVID-19. 


Pick berries. 

Summer is berry season! Picking locally-grown produce is a great way to pass the time. Bonus: You also get the deliciousness, antioxidants, and full nutrients that fresh berries provide.


Visit the beach.

On especially hot days, WNY beaches offer a great way to beat the heat. Don’t forget the sunscreen! 


Explore the city and find Buffalo’s murals. 

Like going to the art museum? Introducing the outdoor version! A number of artists have left their mark on Buffalo by painting murals, many of them close to the downtown area. Print out a map and see how many you can see in a day!


Go on a picnic.

An underrated way to enjoy the day – pack a well-balanced meal in a basket, and bring a blanket to your favorite local park, or find a spot on the water! 


Catch lightning bugs.

It’s all about the simple things, folks. Even at the height of COVID-19, you were still able to enjoy a warm summer night in the backyard, with the people you love.


Go fishing.

Fishing is unique because it’s an enjoyable activity whether you’re with a group or taking it on solo. If you’re a novice, head to the water with the guidance of someone who’s more experienced.

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